Assistant Role Description

Assistants must be of sturdy emotional disposition, have good physical health, and be trustworthy and responsible. They should have a desire and a capacity to live with, learn from, and relate to people with intellectual disabilities (the “core people” of the community) on a personal level, as well as the ability to work well on a team.


Assistants attend and support core people’s participation in events of the community’s spiritual formation and faith practice and must respect the beliefs and support the spiritual journeys of people from a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds.



  • 20 years of age or older.
  • Valid driver’s license and ability to drive comfortably in the city.
  • Desire to work with people who have disabilities.
  • Ability to learn and fulfill responsibilities listed below.
    • Ability to learn and implement the policies and procedures of L’Arche.
    • Desire to live and grow in interdenominational Christian community.
    • Independence and maturity as demonstrated by –
      • Ability to share responsibility for managing a home,
      • Ability to work cooperatively and constructively as part of a team,
      • Ability to take responsibility for health and safety of others, and
      • Ability to work with diverse individuals.
  • Ability to learn about developmental disabilities, mental health, health disorders, and related physical conditions and treatment approaches.
  • Ability to learn and implement simple nursing care, first aid skills, behavior management strategies, and personal and environmental hygiene.
  • Ability to transfer adults from wheelchairs to vehicles, beds, etc. and to assist in lifting wheelchairs into and out of vehicles.
  • Creativity, flexibility, attention to detail, and ability to organize time.
  • Strong verbal and written English communication skills.
  • Spanish proficiency highly desirable.
  • College education preferred.
  • Willing and able to commit for minimum of one year, with a preference for a two-year commitment.



  • To build relationships of mutual care and support with people with disabilities and other community members.
  • To observe the rights and personal dignity of others.
  • To foster a home life of unity, mutual respect, and participation by all members.
  • To provide direct care supports, training, assistance and supervision for, and empower core people in:
    • Personal care needs (clothing, hygiene, eating, etc.), money management, medical care, appointments, family and work connections, household chores, laundry, medications, meal preparation, transportation,
    • Achieving personal goals and performing programmatic activities as noted in core person plans and adequately documenting all necessary information,
    • Communicating and self-advocating effectively with doctors and other professionals.
  • To participate on a team, including sharing responsibility for:
    • Household and yard maintenance, cleaning, property upkeep, shopping, and financial management,
    • Scheduled routines, community celebrations and events, vacations and house outings, and the work of committees,
    • Attending regularly scheduled meetings.
  • To be a member and work on at least one of our standing committees.
  • To complete all required training and formation.
  • To manage time well and complete tasks within required time.